Video-project with Inger Marie Gundersen

It´s a beautiful honour to announce an art-cooperation with the great norwegian singer Inger Marie Gundersen, which is very special to me. As we know each other since a concert, 2011 in Rottenmann, we met again in 2016 for the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Verein KultUrviech. Out of this evolving friendship she asked me last year if I would diversify my artistic range and create a video for a beautiful song of her new Album „Feels like home“. It´s a song of being rooted, in an aspect of hard and difficult moments in life, of being seperated and keep up the love and hope while never surrender to the threats and risks on this individualisitc way. „I know these hills“ is a keen and clear moment of music, which was originally used in a western movie by Kevin Costner, In my point of view it´s contaning the freedom of choice by this aspect, which is a basic issue in my work. I produced the video in Cooperation with Philipp Hemmer as technical-producer, Aline Dreyer-Leers and Redi Made as dancers. The visual basic of the video was filmed in the upper north of Norway – Saltstraumen – and partly in the kitchen of my grandmother. The dancing scenes were taken in Masc Foundation – Vienna – and here I send my special thanks for using the rooms of the gallery!

Here you can see the result and I hope you can recieve the intensity and the pure emotions coming through these scenes in the song.